What does ‘Our Good Place’ supposes to be?

Welcome to our sites, we are Silke and Christian!

Living in the city is no longer desirable for us. The costs are way too high, there are too many people, traffic, and noise and we painfully lack those little opportunities and possibilities that can make a day to day life better on so many levels, if no longer stucked in a cramped city with too less or even no space for development. So we decided to sell our property and search for a better place in a more rural area. So this is our journey to a better life in a good place, hopefully soon Our (very own) Good Place.

We want to develop our own land and build a house by our own hands as much as it is possible. We want to be more sustainable, more selfsufficient, off the grid as much as it is decent and our laws are permiting. Our Good Place shall be the homestead were our new life starts.

Unfortunately we are anything but wealthy and the odds are very likely there is not much of a chance to make an decent amount of money in the near future to get an easy take off of our project. The only chance is to buy an empty spot of land and start there from scratch. To save money and to reduce the costs of living we have to sell the property we are now living in even before we are able to engage in serious negotiations with a seller. Before even that we have to find a way to store the majority of our belongings without spending to much money for that.

Not the best circumstances to start such a life-changing and challenging endeavour, but we have to, for our sanity, our health and our future.

Wish us luck and join us on the journey to Our Good Place.

Christian & Silke 5

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