Each month the same painful procedure.

The costs of electricity, water and sewage has risen to an nearly impossible to bear amount. Especially in Germany were it’s chancellor got on a wild ride declaring an energy turnaround just out of populist reasons and to please the opposition parties in the parliment, because the  nuclear power plant at Fukushima had an wet accident.
The so called energy turnaround became also a big business for those who were able to turn fear and hysteria into lots of money on the backs of common people.
Eco friendly became a label and a fashion for the more wealthy and the bill has to been paid by the average joe.

Don’t get this wrong!

Caring about the environment is a good thing! But increasing a big part of living costs especially for the people at the low end by declaring it as an action you have undisputedly to accept to save the planet (you got it, the Germans are saving the planet single-handedly), is not only dishonest it is an audacious lie. And lying is unfortunately a well practiced skill of well fed politicians.

Utilitiy costs are at an all time high.

20180515_133227In our area of Germany and at our municipally owned utility company we have to pay about 29 € cents per kwh (kilowatt hour), that’s about $ 0.34 and over € 4 (about $ 4,89) per cubic meter (roughly 265 gallons). There are statistics out that state that the prices for energy got up about 39% over the last ten years in Germany.
Some time ago we got our annual account and by that we got the new figures of our monthly instalment payment. So our instalment payment is € 477 per month (our first instalment payment is even € 60 higher because of payment fees) for electricity, water and sewage only! Saving the planet back and forth, but we have to quit because we are no longer able to affort being a paying member of the Planet Saviors League – sorry we have to leave the planet saviors business to people who have more money than we have!