Why we are going on YouTube.

It’s another experiment, another challenge! In other circumstances this would have to do it as the answer, on the other hand why even bother to start a blog post about it if not willing to type more than 3 words? And here we go! Another profusion of words just to explain the obvious. We have to admit we are both some kind of a camera hog and we pressume that this could develop into a fun ride. We are both very funny people but the world wouldn’t know. So world here’s your chance to watch some odd funny Germans. Germans have no humor the saying goes but here comes the exeption from the rule!

Enough self promotion for now.

We have started to change our life dramatically and we would like to document that. First because the technology to do that the “easy way” is now available and affortable even for rookies and second because the time for just glueing some pictures in physical/analog photo albums are somehow over and third moving pictures could tell so much more than some quick snapped photographs damned to decline over the years to come and at least it’s the up-to-date cool thing to do now-a-days.

The Heydays of YouTube might be over.

This might be true but we are somekind of late bloomers and we hadn’t yet a story to tell. YouTube will be an opportunity to practise and play around with the spoken English language and will be an experimentation field for the whole video producing and editing process. YouTube seems to be a neat opportunity so we will give it a try.


Our first teaser is out now!

(Added edit July 30th)

After about 12 hours of tikering our first Video Opus is online. Just a kind of a picture slide show, but with neat music and a good pace. The clip was made with only onboard resources, because we have nothing else to show you at the moment other than pictures randomly taken during some of our home improvement projects from the last four or five years at the house we still have to live in. There aren’t many useable pictures, because we didn’t made them with the intention in mind to use them later media-effective and show them off to illustrate our journey. Still a lesson to learn, always take enough useable and expressive pictures for later utilization!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrruTwM_C_4&w=640&h=360]

To Our Good Place’s YouTube Channel

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