Little cats with assumed big dreams!

Let me introduce you: These are Minna & Leeloo, my two Bengal mix siblings. After so many years wanting a cat (or even cats), but never had the chance to, I finally got those two sweeties by pure coincidence, a happy chance! They came just in the right time into my life during a very hard mental period I had to struggle with. The best cats I ever could have dreamt of. They are Incredibly awesome, implicitly lovable and funny characters, chatty, but sometimes cuddly mischief makers. Absolutely unique in their personalities. And very spoiled indeed. They are both 5 years old now and since then with us. Since they enrich my life I won’t imagine a single day without them. In every way they are my personal soul carer and in return I will take care about their healths and happiness with all my heart.
If you are a cat owner too you will understand my love expressions to them. So, there is no doubt they deserve a better place too.

Minna & Leeloo 2

Names with meaning?

Minna was named after Christian‘s loving grandmother Wilhemine, who was nicknamed “Minna” and my Leeloo isn’t named after the character from “The 5th Element”, as you might had suspect, but rather after the real existing name Leeloo which I happen to like alot. Leeloo supposedly has the meaning of “Happiness, Perfection and Love” according to the all-knowing “Internetz” – however – those meanings fit the character of the cat – so that is that.
They are obviously loving books or at least some convenient spots on top of them. Apart from that I came some kind of obsessed to furnish them all kinds of cosy spots all over the place Christian is not quite as happy about, because it seems my cats have somewhat priority, but I always deny this to him and he has to believe that.

Maybe they have a plan too.

Although they chat the whole day to us – Minna more often than Leeloo – we couldn’t really figure out yet what they are trying to tell us, but I sometimes imagine they dream about chasing bugs and butterflies in an quiet and peaceful and safe area and they maybe demanding this somehow. With even more space, scratch and climbing posts, more napping places and even fresher air blowing around their little noses. A place with sunny and shady spots. A place to be and a cat could wish for. Their own good place within Our Good Place.



Catty curiosity for the future.

At the moment they are still little “indoor only” tigers with quite of a safe space to go nuts and have some naps and they also get lots of cuddles and belly rubs. We don’t let them out the door because it’s way too dangerous outside our current home. So many things could harm them. Our plans will provide them with much more opportunities to live a happy cat life with us. Maybe they don’t even miss a thing by now, but I want to watch them how they explore and have little adventures on our future property. Let’s cross paws!


Minna & Leeloo 3

Cat energy, silky coats, and healthiness.

Also on my to do list is to improve the diet of my two kittys to a more healthy and appropriate cat diet. I take care to feed high-quality canned food but I somehow believe the processed canned food give them poorly the nutrients they need. So I want to feed my cats a raw diet because this is what they eat in the wild. I plan to make my own raw, homemade cat food, as soon as we can extend our storage capacity by buying a bigger freezer. For now it has to be still a pie in the sky, because we don’t even know how much room we will have after leaving our current house.


Minna & Leeloo 1