Somehow you had it comming!

It probably was clear as daylight that this topic would show up sooner or later. Here you go. We just spent around nine hours to render 17½ lbs beef suet into a little more than 8 qts of tallow canned in recent bought Mason Jars. We just got ourselves into that whole Mason Jars very recently. Thank to the Internetz we were able to dive very easily into that whole American way of canning and the system behind the Mason Jars and mainly thank to amazon we were able to buy them easily online. The German way of canning differs from the American and the system of the American canning stuff seems to be way more obvious and easier to comprehent and beside that it also has – at least for us – that American Way thing attached to it.


It’s only the first step.

We didn’t do pressure canning yet, because the soon to be our pressure canner is still on it’s travel over the Big Pond. Preserving tallow dosen’t recquires necessarily a pressure canner so we started with that and after the arrival of another batch of jars we also canned 1 qt of clarified butter and 5½ qt of sweet cream butter. By now we own 75 newly bought Ball mason jars to work with. The amount we canned won’t probably last longer than six months, so we should be good without pressure canning and it’s an experiment.


The Internetz is awesome.

A very helpful source of knowlege for our start into canning was a video by the Guildbrooks about Canning Butter. The topic in this video was well presented and very informative and there are useful lessons to learn. We are so thankful to those people out there who are willing to share their knowlege. We live in incredible times, aren’t we? Thank to the Internetz you could get so much useful informations from all over the world. So let this be understood as a shout-out of appreciation and a big thank you to all you wonderful people who share knowlege, skills and wisdom.