Although we aren’t technically the owner of our new property yet – because the administration tend to slow things down, as always – we had to start to pack our stuff up. We bought a 20′ container to stack the majority of our belongings in it, but first we had to put in an additional floor in that container, for better protection of the moving boxes, as they tend to rip easily when pushed on top of a worn out and ruffed up old floor. Over a thin layer of styrofoam I screwed down some OSB boards and I did that on this year’s 4th of July – so no Independence Day celebration this time, but one step closer to our very own independence.

Moving with an extra hassle.

As there is no space around our current house to place a container, we first have to load all the stuff into our car and our little trailer and drive it to the place where the container sits, a container depot about 4½ miles away. Our current house hasn’t a privat parking lot or a privat drive way either, so lots of to and fro and handling boxes and stuff multiple times each. Every time we return from the container all parking spots at our street are most likely occupied. On the other hand the container site has easy access and unloading there is almost enjoyable.


(New addition July 15th)

You can’t make this shit up!

Just as we get pretty used to our new loading routine – stairs down, stairs up and over the street, to our car and trailer – some early bird showed up on Friday morning (July 12th) and placed some official no parking signs. A construction unit showed up on the following Monday afternoon because they are about to start a remodel of the driveway at the house over the street and now their construction machinery is occupying of all things “our loading spot” even after quitting time. So new unexpected and nerv wrecking obstacle we have to deal – we hate the “big city” so much already, no need to increase that sentiment!