Why follow us on this journey to Our Good Place?

Simple because we would like and appreciate it, otherwise we wouldn’t do this publicly and this journey could be entertaining, somehow insightful, hopefully educating, maybe inspiring, and perhaps funny for you – so give it a try – at least it’s for free.

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Why you of all people should support of all things Our Good Place?

That’s a good question and should be thought thru. On the other hand you just clicked the button to get here, so you might have made this decision already. In that case thank you very much, just procede and don’t let anyone stop you.

If you’re not convinced yet, we will try to win you over…

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We would deny that in any case (with a very straight face on while our very formal and highly professional attired counselors from behind would whispering to us – can you picture the scene?)! But if you apprechiate the content we provide, in the event of you are enjoying our journey and feel a case of urgent need, than you could ease yourself by donating what ever you think is appropriate – hey! And it’s just clicking some buttons!